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L.I Nature has moved to a new location. Look forward to new and interesting blogs, video and photos!



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Poaching Ring

When I think of a poaching ring, I instantly imagine a group of men with guns driving an old Jeep speeding through the deserts of Africa.

So when I heard about the poaching ring that the DEC caught here in New York, I was shocked. The Newsday article said that there were 17 men caught and some of them were right here on Long Island. Apparently this area is home to some very attractive and popular reptiles. The snapping turtles are in high demand in China, but I’m really not sure why that it is. Is it for cooking purposes or as a pet? I’m hoping to find the answer to this question.

Snakes, turtles and salamanders were found and confiscated, the report said. See the list below. Not all the animals were specific to Long Island, but I know for sure the snapping turtle, box turtle and red salamander are popular here. As for the others, I’m not too sure.

It’s a shame these animals were removed from their natural habitat and used for commercial purposes, but I’m even happier that they were caught.

Newsday’s List

  • Northern copperhead snake
  • Slimy salamander
  • Two-lined salamander
  • Snapping Turtles
  • Wood Turtles
  • Spotted salamander
  • Blanding’s Turtles
  • Box Turtles
  • North American Wood Turtles
  • Red Salamanders
  • Spotted Turtles
  • Dusky Salamanders
  • Timber Rattlesnakes

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Poo Paper…Yuck!

My former professor sent me a link to an NPR story about this paper that is made out of wombat dung. The company, Creative Paper, is located in Tasmania, Australia and they specialize in different types of paper making. A few years ago they released roo poo paper, which is made from kangaroo dung. The paper isn’t just made from pure dung. It’s made from a mixture of fibers in the dung and cotton.


The company doesn’t just make poo paper, it also makes paper from materials, such as lavender stalks, denim and apples. Who knows, maybe treeless paper will be the next hip thing to have? We can dream.

Photo: Wombania’s

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Green Internships

Stony Brook University’s Career Center hosted a forum on green internships last Thursday night. Representatives from TechLaw, Eastern Suffolk BOCES, Student Conservation Association, MTA, LI Green and Hobbs Farm.

The event, which the SBU environmental club co-sponsored, offered a lot of information and an opportunity for networking. The MTA only had one internship to offer, said a representative from the company, Thomas Abdallah.

LI Green, a Long Island non-profit located right at Stony Brook University has a lot to offer for students interested in energy issues. Right now it’s looking for  help with making hundreds of thousands of Long Island homes energy efficient, said owner Chuck Schwartz. He also mentioned that he’s looking for help in the advertising/communication fields.

Another Long Island non-profit, Hobbs Community Farm, is looking for volunteer and intern farming help. The farm is located in Centereach not too far from the university.

The student conservation association also has a lot of outdoor adventure internships. The plus is that these groups pay interns and there are some possible job opportunities, too. And if outdoor education is your forte, BOCES offers summer internships.

TechLaw is more focused on the technical end of the environment. It work mostly with the government but is hoping to break into the private sector, which would open up a lot more opportunity for future job seekers.

If you’re a Stony Brook student and any of these internships catch your eye, contact the Career Center for more information.

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Photo Gallery


Here is the photo slideshow. These are photos of various parks around Long Island.


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CO2 Regulation In the Future?

The new EPA administator, Lisa P. Jackson, has announced that she will be acting on carbon dioxide emissions by April 2, the anniversary of Massachusetts v. EPA. She also announced that she will be reconsidering the lack of regulation on new coal-burning power plants last Tuesday.

This is a huge movement and what does it mean for Long Island?

Well, it means more regulation on the horizon for LIPA. Some people feel this is a move in the right direction, but others feel it will just hit our wallets even more. I think it’s both, sort of. We need to make some type of change and if it means higher prices, then maybe we’ll be more frugal with our energy consumption. How many of you cut back on your driving when gas was $4 a gallon?

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Recycling Competition



Stony Brook University is participating in this year’s Recyclymania competition. From January 18 to March 28, the university staff and students make every effort to conserve and recycle on campus. A total of 514 schools from across the country are competing to be the least wasteful. 

In addition to competing on the national level, the university also has a Recyclemania competition between the residence halls, according to the SB Statesman.

The whole idea is to remind the campus community of the simple ways we can conserve energy and reduce trash. It’s a cute competition and it gets people excited about something during this time of year. Last year’s campus residence winner was Gray College and for the national winners go here.

Go here for this year’s most recent results. 

Here is a cute video from last year on SBU-TV. Or watch it below.

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