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I was a little shocked to see the homepage of CollegeHumor, but it’s quite interesting and a great idea. Who would have ever thought to revive the pizza box and make it easily reusable? 

Being vegan I don’t buy pizza very often but I know the box can be very bulky and difficult to fit really anywhere – even in the garbage can! 

The company that invented this new pizza box, Eco Incorporated, focuses on redesigning food packaging that is more user friendly and its environmental impact is taken into account. The “green box” pizza box is made from 100 percent recycled cardboard too! 

Look for this pizza box at a pizzeria near you.

Check out the video here.


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So the cleanup last weekend went really well. The weather was great and we got a lot done over there.  With about 20 or so volunteers we removed about 15 bags of trash from the woods. We found some pretty neat stuff too, like a shopping cart, lots of crates and even a deer skull! The younger kids seemed to enjoy it most, especially the boys, but there were a group of young girls from a local brownie troop who really got into it too. Special thanks to Keep Islip Clean for supplying the materials and flower seeds. Great job to everyone and we hope to see you at the next cleanup. Check out the pictures below. Brownie Troop from Islip TerraceDeer SkullLook At All That Trash!

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Awesome Video

This is a video from Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Although it’s quite far from Long Island, this video is a wonderful way to show the beauty and power of cycling. Enjoy the video and check out the blog too.

I can’t embed the video. But check it out here.

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I came across this “Top 10 Predictions for the Future” list on MSN, and the list has some interesting predictions. 

The one that cuaght my interest the most was number three – cars as a major source of travel may soon end….what?! That’s right. According to the little blurb, advances in wireless communications and the use of flying delivery drones to replace delivery trucks is reducing the need for automobiles. It also mentions restrictions on vehicle ownership – I’m not quite sure what that means, but if they mean financial restrictions, I could see that being a major factor in people giving up their vehicles.

This is really exciting and it will be very interesting to see if this prediction really happens. I’m not a huge fan of technology as a way to solve all our problems in the world, but this may be one way that a technological innovation is having an indirect effect on another industry and may benefit the environment and quality of life.

Photo: Openlettersmonthly.com

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Biking In Style

I saw this slideshow on nytimes.com today, and I think it’s a great way to show that bikes can be fashionable. Although I’d like to mention that chicks ride bikes too, not just men…. 

Check it out here and the interactive version here. I think the ladies will be impressed with the models and for those of you who are biking enthusiasts, the bike is quite nice too.

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A few weeks ago, the MTA proposed a fare hikes on city subways and buses, as well as the LIRR, a popular mode of transportation for many Stony Brook University students. This video examines how an increase in prices could hit students that commute to school and those who travel home on the weekends and live in the city. Check out the video below or check it out here.


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Hey Folks! Things have been super busy the last week, but I have lots of fun Earth Day fun to share with you soon. (An events calender is in the works.)

So last week I had the pleasure of see Rev. Billy and The Church of Life After Shopping perform at Stony Brook University. It was a blast. Although the performance was very dramatic and well, theartical, when he gave his speech he touched on some good points. He isn’t trying to tell people to stop shopping completely, but he’s encouraging people to “back away from the Walmart,” or any other mega big box stores and malls that litter our country. He wants people to support local business and stop excessive consumerism. He and his choir seemed very happy with the results this past holiday season because people stopped shopping. He also had a focus on the environment. He praised President Obama’s new plan to pay people to get rid of their SUV for a new energy efficient car. 

Rev. Billy and his choir are based in NYC, so I recommend you check out their website. Even though the performance may seem absurd the message is very clear and strong.


Now on another note. I had the pleasure of going to the Long Island Sierra Club luncheon last Saturday where many volunteers were honored, including Babylon Town Supervisor, Steve Bellone and New York State Comptroller, Tom DiNapoli. The event was held at the Carriage House in Babylon. The turn out was great, about 80 people, and Supervisor Bellone was honored environmentalist of the year. Bellone has made great strides in making Town of Babylon homes more energy efficient through his Long Isand Green Homes initiative. He’s also made other changes to cut the carbon fottprint of the township. Pictures will be up soon.


On a final note, the Great American Cleanup has kicked off. the event runs through April, May and sometimes June. There are lots of events coming up and I’ll have those up tonight or tomorrow. Most of the events are held within Islip Township. For more information go to Keep Islip Clean.

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